Méga Centre Park Avenue Sainte-Julie

Méga Centre Park Avenue Sainte-Julie

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Méga Centre Park Avenue Sainte-Julie
1833, Armand-Frappier Blvd.
Sainte-Julie (QC)  J3E 3R6

Tel: 450-619-1363

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About Méga Centre Park Avenue Sainte-Julie

Méga Centre Park Avenue Sainte-Julie is a car dealer specialized in buying and selling top quality used vehicles. With over 55 years of experience, our inventory specialists are always available to advise and accompany you towards the purchase of a car that will meet all your needs and desires.

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Located in Sainte-Julie, on the South Shore of Montreal, just a few minutes away from the Louis-Hippolyte La Fontaine Tunnel, Méga Centre Park Avenue Sainte-Julie receives you in a welcoming environment, seven days a week, with a transparent purchase experience. Moreover, our vast fleet contains close to 500 vehicles with several reports attesting their condition and history.

To choose Méga Centre Park Avenue Sainte-Julie is to opt for guaranteed satisfaction with 3-day reimbursement assurance and a possibility of exchanging the vehicle within 30 days.

Experts in financing, Méga Centre Park Avenue Sainte-Julie's specialists have a very high approval rate. Whether you are looking for a first, second or third chance credit, trust our team and get your financing approved in under ten minutes.